After Donation

If you feel unwell within 28 days of attending

If you become unwell within 4 weeks of donating you must contact the IBTS as soon as you become unwell. The reason for this is that any future illness may have consequences for the patient that has received or will receive your blood donation. Contact details are printed on the post donation advice card.


Possible complications of donation:

For the majority of people the process of giving blood is a simple and trouble-free experience. However, possible complications of giving blood include:

  • Bleeding from the needle site
  • Bruising
  • Fainting / feeling weak or light-headed

Uncommon risks of donating blood include:

  • Nerve irritation / injury / pain
  • Tendon injury / pain
  • Arterial puncture

If you suffer from any of these after you have left the clinic, please contact a doctor at the National Blood Centre on 01 4322800 or the Munster Region Transfusion Centre on 021 4807400. There is a doctor on call 24 hours a day who can advise you.


What about my next attendance?

You can donate every 90 days if you are eligible. The IBTS will contact you by text message with information about the next clinic in your area or you find a clinic on the Find a Clinic page.


Thank you

150,000 donations a year or almost 3,000 donations a week are required for patients in Irish hospitals. The IBTS can only meet this requirement by the generosity of our donors.  Please donate regularly and encourage your friends and family to become donors too.