Giving Blood At Work with ŠKODA Ireland

ŠKODA Ireland are delighted to announce details of their partnership with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service which aims to increase public blood donation. This initiative will utilize ŠKODA dealerships nationwide in an awareness campaign designed to encourage people to visit for details of how to donate blood in their local area. This campaign was launched during the busy quarter one period in the motor industry where dealership footfall is highest during the 191 registration period. The initiative is designed to support the Irish Blood Transfusion Service in their mission to maintain the national blood supply which currently sits at approximately 6 days. 

Commenting on the partnership, William Lee, Head of Aftersales at ŠKODA Ireland, said: “Quality, expertise and safety is at the core of what we do here at ŠKODA Service. This is why we are extremely proud to partner with Irish Blood Transfusion Service in 2019.  One in four people will need a blood transfusion at some point in their lives but yet only 3% of the eligible population are currently donating blood. We are delighted to be supporting and hope that this initiative will increase blood donations from our customers consistently over the coming years and provide a stable and regular supply of blood.

Also commenting was Stephen Cousins from the Irish Blood Transfusion Service.  “We are delighted to partner with ŠKODA Service. We know that ŠKODA Dealers aim to not just service their customers’ cars, but to also ensure the well-being of everyone that travels in them.  We are pleased to see them expand this by helping to encourage blood donations in their local communities”

ŠKODA dealers will display informational videos and blood facts in the waiting areas nationwide and ŠKODA drivers will receive information about blood donation in their car, post service. ŠKODA Service will also promote blood donation as part of above the line Marketing Campaigns. ŠKODA staff and employees nationwide will be encouraged and facilitated to give blood during the year as part of IBTS's BloodWorksWork Ferry Programme. Read more about his here.

When your organisation takes part in IBTS's BloodWorks, Work ferry programme, IBTS transports small groups of employees, from the office to one of our fixed clinics to give blood and back to the workplace again. This whole process takes about two hours from end to end depending on your organisations location in relation to our clinics. We run BloodWorks programme in our fixed clinics in Dublin and Cork.

If your organization wants to take part in our BloodWorks programme, you can block book appointments in our fixed center clinics  - all details are below.

Opening hours for D’Olier St
Monday - 12:15-13:45
Tuesday -  10:00-18:00
Wednesday -10:00 -19:00
Thursday -10:00-19:00
Friday -08:30-14:30

Tel: 01 474 5000

Opening hours for Stillorgan
Tuesday- 10:00-20:00
Wednesday -13:00-20:00
Thursday 13:00-20:00

Tel: 01 474 5000

Opening hours for Cork (st Finbars Hospital)
 Monday 3.30pm - 7.30pm (excluding Bank Holidays)
Tuesday 3.30pm - 7.30pm,
Wednesday 11.30am - 2.30pm
 Thursday 3.30pm -7.30pm

Tel: 021 480 7400

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