Functions of the IBTS

The functions of the IBTS as set out in Statutory Instrument No. 78 of 1965 and Statutory Instrument no 209 of 1988 are as follows:

  • Organise and administer a blood transfusion service including the processing or supply of blood derivatives or other blood products, and also including blood group and other tests in relation to specimens of blood received by the Board.
  • To make available blood and blood products.
  • To make available equipment or reagents suitable for use in relation to the service.
  • To make such charges (if any) as the Board thinks fit, for the services referred to above and, where the Minister gives any direction in relation to such charges, to comply with such direction.
  • To furnish advice, information and assistance in relation to any aspect of the service to the Minister, any health authority or any hospital authority.
  • To make any necessary provision for publicity in relation to the service.
  • To organise, provide, assist or encourage research and the training and teaching of persons in matters relating to blood transfusion and preparation of blood products.
  • To cooperate with other bodies with analogous scientific functions.
  • To organise and administer a service for obtaining and assessing reports of unexpected or undesirable effects of transfusion of blood or blood components made available by the Board.