Once You Are Old Enough, You Should Give Blood

Tom is well aware of the importance of blood donation as both his parents have been donors. His blood group is O negative (the universal blood group) so this means that his blood can be given to any patient, and it is also suitable for young babies as it is CMV negative – a rare combination that makes Tom a man in constant demand!

Between training and playing sport, studying and socialising, Tom is busy but he feels the few hours to give blood every few months to help others, is worth it. He hopes to encourage other young people, particularly young men, to get involved in blood donation

#EveryOneCounts #Giveblood


Blood facts:

  • O negative blood group represents 8% of the population but makes up 15% of blood supplied to hospitals because it can be used for any patient
  • Blood for neonatal babies must be used within 5 days of collection. As relatively few donors meet this criteria, it is vital to have enough of these donors when needed
  • It is important to be well hydrated and fed before attending a clinic – it makes the donation experience easier and reduces the risk of fainting