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Spread the message through your local club

Promote Upcoming Local Blood Donation Clinics to Your Community

Prior to any clinic in your area within your club and to your community. The more people who know about the clinic, the better! You could send text or WhatsApp messages to members, promote it on the club social media pages, or put up a poster in the hall - whatever works best for you to get the messages out!

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Become a Donor - Be a Great Example!

  1. Check your eligibility to donate by completing our eligibility quiz here,
  2. If you are eligible call 1800 731 137 to book your appointment,
  3. Clinic times and locations can be found on our clinic finder here,
  4. On the day of your appointment make sure you are well hydrated and have eaten something substantial no later than 3 hours prior to your donation,
  5. Please do not train / take significant exercise before or up to 12 hours after giving blood. This is to minimise any feelings of faintness and to maximise your chances of being able to give blood on the day,
  6. Please bring photo ID.

If you are unwell in the 7 days before the clinic – cough, cold, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose or any other symptoms please do not attend the clinic – give us a call and we will cancel the appointment.

Thank you for your support and for continuing to raise awareness of the importance of giving blood.

Help Recruit New Donors

There is a constant need for more blood donors; in fact, we need 15,000 new blood donors this year! We especially need to recruit donors with many years of donating left in them. Sports clubs are in a great position to help young people form the habit of giving blood, that they may continue for their lifetime.

Many of the 200 people transfused daily in our hospitals are young people fighting life threatening illnesses. Just 5 new donors per clinic would give us half of all the new donors we need to recruit each year, and help those fighting illness.

Ways you can promote blood donation might be:

  • Distribute leaflets about becoming a blood donor,
  • Talk to younger people about your experiences as a donor and why you do it,
  • Refer potential donors to the website to see if they can give blood,
  • For donors in the greater Dublin and Cork areas, promote the fixed centre platelets clinics in those areas.

Offer A Location For Future Blood Clinics

Our mobile blood collection teams travel the length and breadth of Ireland and occasionally need new locations for their collection clinics. To ensure the safety of our donors and the donations, we have a set of important criteria for new venues. Contact us to learn more!