Donation Process

Platelets are collected using a different process to regular blood donation. They are collected using an apheresis machine; separating the platelets from the other components in the blood.

What happens at the clinic?

As giving platelets takes a little bit longer than giving blood the platelet clinic runs on an appointment basis.  Once the donor arrives in the clinic for their platelet donation appointment they go through the following:

  • Registration
  • Filling in of Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Short screening
  • Donation
  • Rest & refreshments


How do we collect the platelets?

Your blood is passed through a special machine that removes the platelets. The remaining blood is returned to you. 

platelet process

How long does it take?

The process takes an average of 50-70 minutes, but this varies from donor to donor.  During the donation you can read, watch television or just relax.  Once the donation is complete you are fit to resume normal activities. 

How often can I give platelets?

As you keep your red cells during the donation process, it is possible to donate every 28 days.