How we use your information

The IBTS only collects and processes the donor personal information required to perform its statutory functions.

That is to

  • Assess donors eligibility to donate
  • Communicate with its donors about opportunities to donate and about their donations
  • Ensure the health and safety of its donors
  • Provide safe and suitable blood and tissue products to patients
  • Ensure the traceability of all donations from donor to patient in line with legal requirements
  • The IBTS also uses anonymised donor data for research purpose

Photo ID

Photo ID is requested when you attend a donation clinic to confirm donor identity. The IBTS does not retain a copy of this ID we only request sight of it (note). Photo ID will also be requested should you wish to exercise your Data Subjects rights when making an access request for example, in this case given the data subject is generally not present when making the request the IBTS asks for a copy of your Photo ID for the purposes of verifying your identity when the request is made. The ID copy is not retained by the IBTS once your identity has been confirmed, it is securely destroyed.  

Sexual Life

The IBTS does not request, collect or retain information from donors regarding their sexual orientation, nor do they infer sexual orientation from the sexual life information requested and processed. The IBTS is concerned only with activities that could present a risk to patients.