Blood for Life Week

Blues Brothers  - “Everybody, needs somebody…We need you, you, and you”  

Blood 4 Life Week runs in early June every year to co-incide with World Blood Donor day on June 14th. During this week IBTS aims to highlight awareness of the need for blood donation and more blood donors to attend clinics particularly during the Summer period. Recipients of blood can be any age and can include children a day old – for whom a few mls of blood can save their lives


Ella Fitzgerald -  “Summertime - and the living is easy….”             

Actually – not really. Summer time is traditionally a challenging time for blood donation as people’s routines are changed, kids are off school, exams are underway, people are on holidays – and sometimes even the weather is nice. All of these things mean less donors attend blood donation clinics

In addition, People’s haemoglobin (iron equivalent) levels drop during the warmer weather – so more donors are unable to give blood than is normal for the rest of the year

Current blood supply levels can be the home page but recent supplies have been as low as 2-3 days for several of the main blood groups.


ACDC –  “If you want blood, we got it”

Irish Blood Transfusion Service aims to hold 7 days blood supply at any one time, As blood only last 35 days and cannot be frozen, to maintain supplies to Ireland’s hospitals, IBTS needs to collect about 3000 donations a week


1 in 4 people will require a blood transfusion at some time in their lives but only 3% of the eligible population of Ireland are active blood donors


What can I do

-          On this website see whether you are eligible to give blood (“Can I give blood”)

-          See what clinics are on near you in the next 13 weeks  (“Find a blood”)

-          If there are no clinics near you in the near future, then “Register your interest” and we will contact you when a clinic is organised for your locality

-          Encourage others to give blood

-          Call 1800 731 137 if you need more information


World Blood Donor Day (Tuesday June 14th)

Blood 4 Life week incorporates World Blood Donor Day on Tuesday June 14th where health organisations worldwide promote the importance of blood donation and safe blood transfusion practices, and thank those people who do give blood and blood components.

World blood donor day is an opportunity to recognise the incredible contribution blood donors make to Ireland’s health. Without blood donors, the health system would simply stop.

See here for some inspirational videos about blood donation and some interesting facts.