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Become a Donor

There are many ways to help.

Blood Donation Information

Click here to see details of the donation process and post donation information.
Blood Donation Information Leaflet.pdf

Give Blood

What is blood? Read our FAQ on blood and learn about the blood donation process. Find out if you are eligible to give blood - take the eligibility quiz.

Blood Donation Questionnaires

When you attend to give blood, you'll be asked to complete a 'Health and Lifestyle' Questionnaire. There are two types, one for 'first time and returning donors' and one for 'regular donors' (this contains less questions, as some information will not change between donations). You will be asked to sign a donor declaration to confirm your answers are honest and accurate. The forms below are reference copies only. Please do not present them at a donation clinic.

New whole blood donor questionnaire Jan 2017.pdf (size 1.1 MB)

Regular whole blood donor questionnaire Jan 2017.pdf (size 1 MB)

Common reasons why you may not be able to give blood

Our Promise to you

Click here to see our service delivery promise to you.
Our Promise to you.pdf (size 74.6 KB)

Keeping Blood Safe

Keeping blood safe is our highest priority.

Give Platelets

What are platelets? Read our FAQ on platelets and learn about the platelet donation process.

New Apheresis Donor Questionnaire Jan 2017.pdf (size 1 MB)

Regular Apheresis Donor Questionnaire Jan 2017.pdf (size 763.9 KB)

Bone Marrow Registry

Read our bone marrow FAQs and learn about joining the bone marrow registry.

Other ways to Help

If you can't give blood or platelets you may be able to help by organising a clinic or a work ferry.

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