IBTS urgently appeals for more regular donors to give blood

IBTS urgently appeals for more regular donors to give blood especially O-, A- and B- donors

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The IBTS are today (Sunday, 22nd October) seeking the public’s support to help the national blood supply, as some blood groups, especially O-, A-, and B- have fallen to just 3 days supply in recent weeks.  The IBTS aims to have 7 days stock at all times.  The IBTS is urgently looking for regular donors to give blood, especially donors with Rh Negative blood groups (O-, A- or B-).

High demand from hospitals,  an increase in illness among donors in our communities over the last number of weeks and the recent adverse weather conditions have all combined to create a shortage of blood particularly in the Rh Negative groups.

“The IBTS is urging regular donors to respond when they receive a text from us and to make an appointment, said Paul McKinney, Director of Donor Services and Logistics.  

“A pre-amber alert has been issued in line with the National Blood Shortage Plan for the Rh- Negative blood groups, which requests conservative use of blood by all hospitals.  All donations are needed to avoid any impact on our hospital system. We are asking our regular donors to make an extra effort to book an appointment and donors in Dublin to consider booking an appointment at our fixed centre in D’Olier street.

Regular Donors can book an appointment online at www.giveblood.ie or phone 1800 731 137.  Further clinic information can also be found on the website and anybody interested in becoming a new donor can register their interest on www.giveblood.ie  “Become a Donor” and we will be in touch with you when we are next in your area.

We would also like to thank all of our donors for their magnificent and continuing support of the IBTS