RCI Publications

The RCI laboratory is committed to on-going continuous improvement and continuous professional development. The laboratory actively contributes and collaborates to the knowledge base in transfusion medicine on a national and international stage.

Below are the publications produced by RCI staff for each of the documented years. 

2018 Publications

AABB Poster Presentation: Evaluation of recombinant blood group proteins in pre-transfusion and antenatal testing in a RCI laboratory.

HAI Poster Presentation: Multiple red cell antibodies and an unexpected RhD variant in a pregnant woman.

BBTS Poster Presentation: Analysis of potential interference in antibody quantification assay utilised in antenatal testing.

Biomedica Poster Presentation: T polyagglutination in a neonate.

2017 Publications 

AABB Poster Presentation: Laboratory management of patient's treated with Daratumumab.

ISBT Poster Presentation: Identification of 'stored red cell antibodies' in the plasma of four patient's referred to the RCI laboratory at the IBTS.

2016 Publications 

IEQAS Abstract Submission for presentation: Mitigating Daratumumab interference in the Laboratory.

Haematology Association of Ireland Poster Presentation: A review of samples referred to the Diagnostic Laboratory at the National Blood Centre, Irish Blood Transfusion Service for ABO anomaly investigation. 

Haematology Association of Ireland Oral Presentation: Correlation of Serological Anti-D Reaction Strength by Indirect Antiglobulin Technique to Anti-D Quantitation Level.

Haematology Association of Ireland President's Symposium Presentation: Evaluation of methods to mitigate the interference caused by Daratumumab in pre-transfusion serological testing.

BBTS poster prize winner: Identification of both allo & auto red cell antibodies of Kidd specificity in the same patient.

Biomedica Poster Presentation: Red Cell Serology Case Studies

2015 Publications 

Mone, F., Quigley, J., Doyle, B., Lambert, M., Woolfson, M., Downey, P., Carroll, S., Higgins, S., Mahony, R., McAuliffe, F.M., Fitzgerald, J., McParland, P. (2015) Clinical disparity of haemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn in twin pregnancy.Transfusion Medicine 2015 Oct;25(5):345-6. Link

ISBT Poster Presentation: 'Irish' Bombay phenotype: compound heterozygosity for novel FUT1 alleles.

ISBT Poster Presentation: Red cell antibody inhibition using unpurified cell culture supernatant containing soluble recombinant blood group protein.

ISBT Poster Presentation: The second example of alloanti-D in a weak D type 33 individual.

ISBT Poster Presentation: Recombinant soluble blood group proteins: one center's experience.  

Haematology Association of Ireland Poster Presentation: r'r' phenotype blood and the challenges facing a blood transfusion laboratory and the Irish Blood Transfusion Service. 

Haematology Association of Ireland Poster Presentation: The Limits of Serological Testing.

2014 Publications

Seltsam, A., Wagner, F., Lambert, M., Bullock, T., Thornton, N., Scharberg, Erwin A., Grueger, D., Schneeweiss, C., Blasczyk, N. (2014) Recombinant blood group proteins facilitate the detection of alloantibodies to high-prevalence antigens and reveal underlying antibodies: results of an international study.Transfusion Med, 54:1823-1830.Link

Doyle, B., Quigley, J., Lambert, L., Crumlish, J., Walsh, C., Adshead S., Woolfson, M., McParland, P., Culliton, M., Fitzgerald, J. (2014) Red cell alloimmunisation following intrauterine transfusion and the feasibility of providing extended phenotype-matched red cell units. Transfusion Med, 24:311-315. Link

Walsh, CA., Doyle, B., Quigley, J., McAuliffe, FM., Fitzgerald, J., Mahony, R., Carroll, S., McParland, P. (2014) Reassessing critical maternal antibody threshold in RhD alloimmunization: a 16-year retrospective cohort study. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol., 44(6):669-73. Link

Doyle, B., Quigley, J., Allen, C. and Fitzgerald, J. (2014), Homozygous expression of fetal red cell antigen in donor oocyte pregnancy complicated by allo-immunisation: are current antibody thresholds to trigger increased monitoring relevant?. Transfusion Med, 24: 182–183. Link 

Doyle, B., Quigley, J., Lambert, L., Crumlish, J., Walsh, C., McParland, P., Culliton, M., Murphy, K. (2014) A correlation between severe haemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn and maternal ABO blood group. Transfusion., 24:239-243. Link 

013 Publications 

BBTS Poster Presentation: Weak D type 10: A 'common' weak D type in Ireland, typing as RhD negative in donors?   

ISBT Poster Presentation: ABO incompatible kidney transplantation: An approach to standardise antibody titration methods.

ISBT Poster Presentation: Improving the provision of blood for patient's with Auto-Immune Haemolytic Anaemia. 

ISBT Poster Presentation: Non-immune hydrops due to parvovirus B19 in pregnancy: a case report. 

ISBT Poster Presentation: Use of recombinant factor VIIa (rFVIIa) in acute life threatening primary postpartum haemorrhage: A case report. 

BBTS Oral Presentation: Examination of the feasibility of establishing a peer reviewed external quality assessment scheme for red blood cell antibody eluate investigations. 

AABB Plenary Oral Presentation: Recombinant Blood Group Proteins facilitate the detection of alloantibodies to high-prevalence antigens and uncover hidden antibodies: Results of an International Study.

2011 Publications

BBTS Poster Presentation: Evaluation of Gen-Probe's Luminex xMAP-based Blood Group Genotyping Kits using previously genotyped donor DNA. 

BBTS Oral Presentation: Quantitation of anti-c by Continuous Flow AutoAnalyser and by Flow Cytometry: A Comparison.

2010 Publications

ISBT Poster Presentation: Irish Blood Transfusion Service, National Blood Centre Review of 1579 patient's with antibodies, the rates of concurrent or single specificities.  

Haematology Association of Ireland Poster Presentation: Case of Anti-Wra in HDN. 

Haematology Association of Ireland Poster Presentation: Clinical Management of a patient with a unique antibody (Anti-DISK).

ISBT Oral Presentation: Novel High Incidence Antigen in the Diego Blood Group System (DISK) and clinical significance of anti-DISK.

IEQAS Oral Presentation: Using Molecular Methods to Solve Serological Problems, Case Studies.

2009 Publications 

BBTS Oral Presentation: Learning from Sickle Cell Patients.

BBTS Oral Presentation: Molecular Blood Group Typing of Irish Patients'. 

BBTS Poster Presentation: Investigation and Management of high frequency Rh antibody in pregnant sickle cell disease patient.

BBTS Poster Presentation: Review of Imported Red Cells by the Irish Blood Transfusion Service 2007-2008.

Haemovigilance Annual Meeting Oral Presentation: Laboratory 'Serious Adverse Events. Laboratory Errors'.