Antenatal Reference Services provided by RCI

The RCI laboratory is the Irish National Reference Laboratory for antibody quantitation and provides a comprehensive antenatal testing service for the Republic of Ireland. The RCI laboratory identifies antibody(s) of clinical significance in pregnancy and assesses the risk of haemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn. Depending on the antibody identified, the antibody will be titrated or quantified in order to monitor the antibody level and aid in the prevention of HDFN.

Investigations performed are in accordance with the Guidelines for Blood Grouping and Antibody Testing in Pregnancy (2016)

Antenatal Services Include:

  • Identification of red cell antibodies including rare antibodies
  • Quantitation / titration of maternal alloantibodies
  • Differentiation of anti-D, anti-C and anti-G antibodies
  • Red cell phenotyping of the father
  • Fetal genotyping using peripheral maternal blood samples (referred to IBGRL)
  • Aid in the provision of suitable blood for intra-uterine and exchange transfusion
  • Aid in the provision of suitable blood for mother and baby at delivery