Quality in the IBTS

The IBTS is an HPRA licensed Blood and Tissue Establishment. The EU Directive 2002/98/EC and associated Directives are applicable to the Blood Establishment. The EU Directive 2004/23/EC is applicable to the Tissue Establishment. These directives ensure the standard of quality and safety in relation to recruitment, donation, testing, processing, storage, and distribution of all blood and blood components and tissues including stem cells.

The Quality Department is responsible, in conjunction with the medical, scientific and nursing staff, for the development, implementation and review of the Quality Management System to ensure that Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Laboratory Practice and regulatory requirements are met and best practice is achieved. 

Contact the Quality Department:


Quality Assurance Manager:     01 4322920 / 087 1306793

Quality Control Laboratory:      01 4322990 / 087 2904331

Microbiology Laboratory:         01 4322993

Cork Centre

Quality Assurance Manager:     021 4807405

Quality Control Laboratory:      021 4807413

Microbiology Laboratory:         021 4807477

Quality Department Hours:

Monday to Friday:  07:00 to 19:00 hours

Out of hours contact the Components Scientist on duty:   NBC 01 4322800 and Cork 021 4807400

Report Forms available for download:

In the event of a complaint/defect with Blood Product or Service

Complaint Defect Report Form.pdf (size 198.4 KB)

Temperature Excursion Policy .pdf (size 460.1 KB)

 IBTS Quality Manual:

IBTS Quality Manual.pdf (size 778.2 KB)