IBTS Research and Development Strategy

We are committed to providing the research evidence for improving and developing our blood and tissue services to patients, through collaboration with our donors, the expertise of our people and of our clinical and academic partners.

All of our research endeavours strive to maximise the ability of blood and tissue donation to improve the health of patients.

The outcomes of high-quality research may positively impact a broad range of health-related fields including blood science, transfusion, transplantation, public health policy, clinical interventions and epidemiology.  


Our strategy is based on 3 core objectives:


1. Improved Donation and Donor Care | Applied research & insights

Insight into the factors motivating and preventing people donating blood will provide an evidence base from which to develop and improve our blood collection policies.  


2. Progressive Blood Service | New products and services

We must future-proof the service in relation to changing technologies, blood demands and blood component usage, thereby optimally serving transfusion and transplant recipients.  


3. Clinical Leadership Advocacy |Advice and guidance

We aim to position ourselves as a research leader in the field of transfusion medicine through participation and collaboration with our clinical and academic partners.


Our research will focus on . . .


Disease Epidemiology & Genetic Susceptibility

Our ambition is to capture and monitor donor infectious disease and genetic epidemiology. Continued surveillance and epidemiological research is critical to mitigate microbiological risks to transfusion and provide valuable information on the genetic variability within the current donor pool.  


Donation & Deferral Policy

Our ambitions are to gain a deeper understanding of the sociological dynamics of the donation, to improve donor welfare and to analyse the effects on donation following changes in deferral and screening policies. Crucially, it’s imperative to, target and build a more ethnically and genetically diverse donor population in order to optimally care for individuals with the sickle cell anaemia. 


Applied Diagnostics & Technical Advancement

Our ambition is to ensure we are at the forefront of blood and tissue testing and production technological advancements by harnessing our scientific capabilities and driving peer-review publication of laboratory developments.  


Clinical Evaluation of Blood & Tissue Transfusion

Our ambitions are to collaborate on clinical trials assessing the clinical application and utility of blood components, and to drive peer-review publication of audit and clinical case studies. We are also closely aligned with the clinical interpretative work of the National Transfusion Advisory Group.


Importantly, we will support our staff in their research endeavours, celebrate our achievements and promote a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

Research thrives on innovation and questions, and we aim to be research leaders, at the forefront of blood transfusion medicine, providing the answers and the evidence that will ultimately benefit our donors and patients.


Supporting documents

IBTS Research and Development Strategy document

IBTS Research and Development Strategy Press release


For more information contact:

Dr. ALLISON WATERS, PhD, MPH, FACSLM | IBTS Research and Development Lead Facilitator
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Tel: 00-353-1-432 2858

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