Who we share your data with - Irish Blood Transfusion Service

Who we share your data with

There are certain circumstances in which the IBTS may share your data with another company or organisation as follows:  

Mandatory reporting  

The IBTS is legally obliged to report to other health and government bodies in certain cases. In the case of a confirmed positive test for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis E or Syphilis we are legally bound to inform the Public Health Service of your name, address and the results of your blood tests.   The IBTS is legally obliged to provide donor information to the State claims Agency as our insurer, in the case of any incident which relates to donor safety that could result in a legal action being taken.  

Third Parties  

The IBTS uses the services of third parties in some instances to provide a service or complete a task on its behalf. The IBTS shares some donor information with these third parties as follows:  

a)     Marketing - the IBTS uses the services of a marketing agency and shares demographic   information including name, location, age and gender with them in order to tailor our marketing activities.  

b)     Testing - in some cases the IBTS requires additional testing to be performed on donor samples and engages the services of a number of reference laboratories in Ireland and the UK to peform this testing. The IBTS shares name and date of birth along with your blood sample to these laboratories in order to have the testing performed.  

c)     Samples - the IBTS stores an ‘archive’ sample from each of your blood donations; these samples are frozen and stored in a facility in the UK. The samples are labelled with your donation number only, not with any personally identifiable information.   Where the IBTS shares your data for the purposes of performing any of these services, it has agreements in place with the third parties to ensure that your information is safely and securely managed. These agreements are being reviewed for compliance with GDPR so that we can insure that the appropriate safeguards are in place.

With your consent

Where applicable, the IBTS may share your donation and associated medical records with your GP, hospital consultant, other healthcare professional, other blood transfusion service, or legal representative with your explicit consent. In addition to this we will not transfer any donor personal data outside of the EEA without your consent.