Haemochromatosis Programme - Irish Blood Transfusion Service

Haemochromatosis Programme

The IBTS provides a phlebotomy service for Hereditary Haemochromatosis patients at the D'Olier Street clinic in Dublin and at the Munster Regional Transfusion Centre, St Finbarrs Hospital, Cork.

The service will consist of phlebotomy only, and will only be provided for patients who have a prescription from their doctor.

Are you a GP treating patients with Haemochromatosis? If so, please click here.

Are you being treated for Haemochromatosis? If so, please click  here.

Download a general information leaflet here.

HH Donor Prescription Form.pdf (size 206.2 KB)


Clinic Locations:

The IBTS Haemochromatosis Dublin Clinic: D'Olier Street, Dublin, the 2nd Floor, Lafayette House, 1-5 D'Olier Street (at O'Connell Bridge)

The IBTS Haemochromatosis Cork Clinic: Munster Regional Transfusion Centre, St.Finbarrs Hospital, Douglas Road, Cork

Opening Hours:

Dublin Clinic Opening Hours: Every Monday 15:15 hrs to 16:30 hrs. (Clinic does not open on Public Holidays)

Cork Clinic opening hours: Every Monday 12:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs, with the exception of Bank Holidays and the 3rd Monday of each month.(Clinic does not open on Public Holidays)

*Please note clinic times are subject to change

Other information:

This is conceived as a two year pilot project in the first instance. Continuation beyond two years will depend on the success of the pilot in providing cost effective care to people with haemochromatosis at the IBTS.

The service will consist of phlebotomy only, and will be provided for patients who have a prescription from their doctors on the downloadable IBTS prescription form, available above.

Referred patients must have hereditary haemochromatosis confirmed by genetic testing.

People who are not eligible to be blood donors as well as people who are eligible will be able to use this service. Eligible haemochromatosis patients who wish to become donors will subsequently be able to donate during normal donation hours at the D'Olier St clinic or in St Finbarr's Cork.

Phlebotomies will be at a maximum frequency of 4 per year with a minimum of 90 days between phlebotomies.