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Thank You!

Giving Blood is all about the generosity of you the donor helping to save lives.

Blood Transfusions

Every day, patients in hospitals throughout Ireland require blood transfusions. Sometimes it may be for routine surgical procedure such as a hip operation. Other times it may be for someone recovering from a road traffic accident, major surgery such as a heart bypass or a patient undergoing cancer treatment.

Your Generosity

Without your tremendous and continued generosity we would not be able to provide the blood and blood products needed in hospitals. We depend on you and others like you to maintain an adequate and safe blood supply to save and improve lives.

On behalf of the IBTS staff and recipients who benefit from your generosity, we would like to say Thank You.

A poem for your thoughts

A blood donation costs nothing but gives much,
It enriches those who receive
Without making poor of those who give.

It happens in a flash
But the memory of that gift will last forever.

None is so rich and mighty that it can get along without it
And none is so poor
That it cannot be made rich by it.

It cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen
For a blood donation is of no earthly good to anyone
Until it is given away.

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