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Give Platelets

In this section you will find out all about giving platelets.

What are platelets?

Read about what platelets are and the job they do in our bodies.

Why give platelets?

Why give platelets and who needs them?

Can I Give Platelets?

Are you suitable to give platelets? Read about the requirements for giving platelets.

Platelet Clinic opening times

Platelets are collected at the National Blood Centre, James's St, Dublin 8 and at the Cork Centre, St Finbarrs Hospital, Douglas Road, Cork, the platelet clinic opening times are available here.

FAQs on Platelets

Read the frequently asked questions people have about giving platelets.

Platelet Donation Information Leaflet

Common reasons why you may not be able to give platelets

Donation Process for Platelets

What happens at the platelet clinic, how long does it take and when can I give platelets again.

New Apheresis Donor Questionnaire Jan 2017.pdf (size 1 MB)

Regular Apheresis Donor Questionnaire Jan 2017.pdf (size 763.9 KB)

Application Form

Fill out our online platelets registration form.

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