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Peoples' Stories

Have you received or given blood and would like to share your story?

We are collecting peoples' stories about receiving blood transfusions and giving blood.

Read Owen's Story, how he was inspired to give blood for the past 40 years

Read Roy's Story, about how hours after giving blood, a transfusion saved his wife

Read Marian's Story, about why she decided to become a blood donor

Read Mary's Story, how grateful she is to blood donors

Read Geraldine's Story, how her family got to spend more time with their father

Read Robbie's Story, his experience donating platelets and blood

Read Dearbhla's Story, how blood transfusions gave her precious time to spend with her father

Read Carla's Story, very personal and touching story about how blood transfusions saved her life

Read Valerie's Story, her daughter received life-saving transfusions following a virus in her heart

Read Susan's Story, she received 36 units of blood following the birth of her daughter

Read John's Story, he is a regular Platelet Donor at the NBC in Dublin

Read Ciara's Story, how a life-saving transfusion has inspired life-saving birthday gifts

Read Eoin's Story, blood donation has played an important role in his family and inspired him to become a donor.

Read AnnMarie's story, she received blood and now encourages friends and colleagues to save lives regulary.

Read Jenny's story, she and her family are very grateful to all the donors who saved her husbands life.

Read Kevin's story, he's a blood donor and his son received several blood transfusions when he was born.

Read Nicola's story, a few short words from a platelet donor.

Read Eva's story, she learnt of recent blood shortage and thanks donors for saving her life.

Read Cecily's story here Cecily has given blood, plasma and platelets as well as a long and successful career at IBTS.

Read Leah's story here. Leah received blood and platelets during the course of her cancer treatment.

Read Angela's story here, a big thank you to donors who helped save her life.

Read Jeff's story here. Jeff has been a blood & platelet donor since 1989 with 113 donations to date.

Read the Brice Family story, twin girls and their mum Pamela received blood after caesarean section.

Read Mary's story, thank you to the donors who saved her life.

Read Martin's story, a blood and platelet donor and friend of a recipient too.

Read Emma's story, a recipient urging people to give blood and platelets, just like those who saved her life.

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