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Thank you for completing the eligibility quiz

You have answered some of the questions that you will be asked when you come to donate blood.  However there are other reasons why you may not be eligible to donate.  We cannot go through all of them here, but we will do so with you in detail at the blood donor clinic.  You can view a copy of the detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire that you will be asked to complete at clinic, via the links below.  We have 2 questionnaires, one for new donors and donors who have not donated in the last 5 years and one for regular blood donors. 

We also attach some common reasons for not being eligible to donate blood and Frequently asked questions about giving blood below.  We suggest that you have a look through these before you come to give blood.

If you have any questions or queries about donating, please feel free to contact us on 1850 731137.       



Find out where to give blood.

Read the FAQs about giving blood.

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1st time blood donor

Regular blood donor

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