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21st October 2008 - Board Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of theBoardof the Irish Blood Transfusion Service held onTuesday  21st October 2008at2.00pmin theBoardroom, National Blood Centre, James’s Street,Dublin8.


Present:                                 Ms.Maura McGrath(Chairperson)

Dr. Mary Cahill

Dr. Robert Landers

Mr.Sean Wyse

                                                Mr. David Keenan

Dr.Cees Van Der Poel

Ms.Margaret Mullett

Mr. Gerry O’Dwyer

Ms. Jane O’Brien



Apologies:                              Dr. Margaret Murray

Mr.Mark Moran

Mr. David Lowe


Also in attendance:               Mr. Andrew Kelly, Chief Executive

Dr. William Murphy, National Medical Director

Patricia McNally, A/Secretary to theBoard


The Chairperson noted that three Board members had given apologies for the meeting today and suggested that a Board Member present would contact the person missing and update them on what had happened at the meeting.  This was agreed.

TheBoardrecorded their sympathy to Ms. Mirenda O’Donovan, Secretary to theBoard, and her family on the death of her father, Patrick and to Jane O’Brien on the recent death of her brother, DavidMullins.

1.                 Minutes of the meeting of 23rd September 2008

The minutes of the meeting of the Board of 23rd September 2008 were agreed subject to amendment and were proposed by Ms.Margaret Mullett and seconded by Mr. Sean Wyse.

2.                 Matters arising


The CE confirmed that he had met with the CE of the Mercy UniversityHospitaland noted that the transfer of crossmatching to this hospital would be proceeding. It was noted that the filling of the chief medical scientist position was the next step in progressing the establishment of the laboratory.

Public Accounts Committee

The CE noted that the IBTS will be attending the PAC meeting on Thursday 23rd October 2008.

Manpower Plan

It was confirmed that the CE and Dr. Murphy were currently reviewing this plan and would be bringing back proposals to the Board in the near future.

The CE noted that one of the value for money audits to be carried out by the DoH&C over the next two years is in the area of blood products. This was raised in the Health Estimates presented on14th October 2008. It was agreed that the CE would circulate to board members the National Blood Strategy Implementation Group report published in 2004 which outlined recommendations on blood usage / wastage including the setting up of a National Transfusion Committee. This would be discussed at the November meeting.

3.                 Chief Executive’s Report

The CE’s report was noted.

Blood supply

The CE noted that a press release was being issued today to try and increase stocks pre and post bank holiday weekend.  He also noted that the exercise to review and report on platelet usage in Irish hospitals was underway.


The CE noted that the contingency plan for NAT testing was activated on Friday 17th October.


Donation Process Review

A meeting had been held with unions last week.  The unions have confirmed that they accept the recommendation of the Labour Court and the training for implementing the necessary changes had commenced.  The CE has written to the DOH&C informing them that Phase 4 of Towards 2016 can now be paid to IBTS staff.

Consultants Contract

All Consultants, except one, have signed the new contract.  The CE informed the Board of a proposal from the Consultants to establish a Medical Board in the IBTS, in the context of the commitment to consultation contained in the new contract.   TheBoardstrongly supports the principle of consultation and it was agreed that Chief Executive would review the Terms of Reference for the Medical Advisory Committee and the National Consultants Meeting, in order to address any weaknesses in the existing consultation processes.

Insurance Renewal

It was noted that the Finance Committee are in agreement with the proposal submitted by the Director of Finance in relation to the insurance renewal and the Board also agreed to this proposal.

4.                 Presentation by Chief Executive on Vision for IBTS


The CE made a presentation on the Vision for the IBTS.  He noted that the Draft Strategic Plan 2009 – 2012 would be tabled for Board consideration in the next 6 months.  The Chairperson thanked the CE for his presentation and noted the move to external focus for the IBTS was very welcomed by the Board along with the major achievements and being respected as a leader in the field.  The CE noted that development of the Cork Centre was essential to the vision of the IBTS and it is hoped to have an update from the Department of Health & Children shortly in relation to a new centre.  Ms. Clare MacDermott, Marketing Officer, gave a presentation on a proposal for corporate brand for the IBTS in conjunction with Cawley Nea advertising.  The proposal was discussed and the Chairperson requested a meeting with Cawley Nea to discuss the profile of the IBTS.  It was agreed that the Chairperson would meet Brian Swords, MD, Cawley Nea in the first instance and then a follow-up meeting would take place with representatives from Cawley Nea, the Chairperson, Sean Wyse, Jane O’Brien, William Murphy, Andrew Kelly and Paddy Bowler. 

5.                 Minutes of MAC meeting– 8th July 2008


The minutes of 8th July 2008were noted.  The CE confirmed that the IBTS had met with Prof. B. Hall in relation to the Microbiologist post.  Dr. Murphy noted that the Consultant Manpower plan was being revised and would be brought back to MAC and Board in the near future.

The issue of vCJD and a possible test was noted.  It was agreed that Dr. O’Riordan would make a presentation to the Board at the February 2009 meeting on this issue.

The current filters trail was noted.  Dr. Cahill requested that this issue would be a substantive item for discussion at the January Board meeting and this was agreed. Dr Murphy is to make a presentation.

6.                 Minutes of Finance Committee-8th July 2008


The minutes of 8th July 2008were noted.  Mr. Wyse updated the meeting on budget forecasts for the IBTS for 2009.  The next Finance Committee meeting to agree the 2009 budget is scheduled for Monday 3rd November 2008.

Mr. Wyse confirmed that he is finalising the Balanced Scorecard with the CE and will be discussed at the next Finance Committee meeting also. 

7.                 CorkCentre


The CE updated the meeting on the current discussions with the DOH&C regarding the Cork Centre.  He noted that he hoped to have some update on their decision for funding for a new centre in the next couple of weeks. 

8.                 BoardWorkshop / Profile of IBTS


This item was discussed under Item 5 on the Agenda.

9.                 Correspondence


There was no correspondence.

10.             Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Board will be on Tuesday 18th November 2008 at 2pm in the National Blood Centre.

Signed:            _________________                          Date:   _______________

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